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The project is based on the relation established between each part of the program with the city and the need of open protected space for leisure and gathering of students. The Classrooms are located at the center of the site, protected from the noise that comes from the street and oriented in order to receive the correct natural light during the day. The other part of the school consists of three long bars, the entrance one with a small auditorium and cafeteria, another with a complementary classroom and the third one with the administration.


Place: Crixá, Brasília - BR

Year: 2018

Status: Competition - Not built

Site Area: 8000m²

Project Area: 3260m²

Team: TAU Arquitetos/ Camila Caiuby/ Gabriela Panico/ Blecker Ruiz

diagrama construtivo2.jpg
diagrama rua.jpg
03_Sala de Aula-min.png
04_Biblioteca (1)-min.png
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