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The Project consists of the refurbishment of a 38m² apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, in which the main goal was to optimize the space and produce the sensation of wideness through material and carpentry. In that way, the apartment was reconfigured within a few actions, but with great visual and spatial impact. Starting with three basic components: floor, furniture, and color.


Place: Brooklin, São Paulo- SP

Year: 2018

Status: Built

Site Area: 36m²

Photography: Manuel Sá



Carpentry: Rebi do Brasil

Wood floor: Carvalho Europeu, chevron [Parket]

Metals: Deca

Tiles: Metro, DallePiage


06-B_V7A9130-1_VILA MADALENA_CL-01.jpg
09_V7A9232-1_VILA MADALENA_CL-01.jpg
15_V7A9356-1_VILA MADALENA_CL-01.jpg
10_V7A9241-1_VILA MADALENA_CL-01.jpg (5).gif
05_V7A9030-1_VILA MADALENA_CL-01.jpg
18_V7A9419-1_VILA MADALENA_CL-01.jpg
12-B_V7A9293-1_VILA MADALENA_CL-01.jpg
13_V7A9311-1_VILA MADALENA_CL-01.jpg
16_V7A9377-1_VILA MADALENA_CL-01.jpg
08_V7A9170-1_VILA MADALENA_CL-01.jpg
14_V7A9328-1_VILA MADALENA_CL-01.jpg
04_V7A9022-1_VILA MADALENA_CL-01.jpg
03_V7A9007-1_VILA MADALENA_CL-01.jpg
02_V7A8989-1_VILA MADALENA_CL-01.jpg
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